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Biomedical sciences

Institution: UBA: Universidad de Buenos Aires
Diploma: Magister en ciencias biomédicas.
City: Capital Federal.
Length: 2 years .
To provide knowledge updated on molecular medicine to withdrawn professionals with biomedical races initiated in the scientific research or the exercise of the profession in the human clinic and animal, a scope of collaboration and international complementing, basically bilingüand, involving to the universities of Buenos Aires and Friburgo.

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About the institution


the University of Buenos Aires (GRAPE) was inaugurated the 12 of August of 1821 on the initiative of the then minister of government of the province of Buenos Aires, doctor Bernardino Rivadavia (edicto). From that year, the Institution has journeyed the map courses of the history of the country and the city like university provincial and - from 1881 - national, as well as the ways more specific than do to the construction of an academic, cultural and scientific center, space of formation of professionals, circulation and production of knowledge.

Entry requirements

¿What proceedings I must realize to register?
to enter the University of Buenos Aires tenés that to have finalized the secondary studies.

Documentation that is required for the inscription:
Secondary Title (two you photocopy legalized in the Direction of Titles and Plans of the GRAPE, 950 Uriburu Capital) or, by default, the certificate of regular student in whom it is credited that any matter is not owed. If you are attending the last year of the secondary studies, you will have to present/display a certainty of regular student.
national identity document (National Document of Identity) and photocopies of two front page.
Two photographies 4x4 type card.

During the period of inscription, distributes to a booklet with information and specific instructions. The inscription for the first fourth month period is realized during the months of October and November. According to the initial of your last name, tenés two days to concur.

certificate Legalization of studies:
Recordá that stops the inscription necesitás to legalize your certificate of studies. The legalization is carried out in different you soothe, according to the institution from where you come

Course program

1. Introduction to biomedical sciences and the Biology of systems.
2. Molecular pathology.
3. Pharmacology and toxicology.
4. Microbiology, virology and cellular and molecular Immunology.
5. Neurobiology.
6. Molecular Biology.
7. Clinical medicine.
Courses of practice and training.

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